How to counter China's aggression against India?

Chinese aggression against India:

China learns electronically each time India reacts to border threats. India should never reveal the actual war response or escalation ladder to China. 

Once India reacts, next time China will come back fully prepared.

So, Indian response should be different each time and NEVER the same as actual war response.

It's like a card game. If I know your moves because I have played the game so many times with you and I know how you respond, I can beat you easily.

According to the current Chinese plan, they are preparing go for a shock and awe against India in a real conflict.

It means in a matter of 1-hour, 250 airfields in India will be bombed with missiles and Indian Air Force will become non operational.

If there any counter strategy?

The counter plan is to keep Indian troops and nuclear armed submarines around Taiwan all the time, so they can hit Beijing and Shanghai as a second response.

Following three places are ideal for Indian troops:
1) Taiwan
2) Gwangju region in South Korea
3) Kagoshima region in Japan.

These three should have multiple Indian nuclear powered submarine locations 24x7 to counter any adverse step of China.


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