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Sanaran Dharma and Bharat hater Angana P. Chatterji

Excerpts from the book Braking India by Rajiv Malhotra  and Aravindan Neelakandan. They reveal lies of leftist historian/professors in chapter 14 of the book.   Angana P. Chatterji Angana Chatterji is associate professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology at California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), an institution that was established specifically to bring the spiritual teachings of Sri Aurobindo to the West. Ironically, she has used this position to do exactly the opposite, namely, to try to demolish the legitimacy of Indian spirituality and the Indian nation. She cites her interests as ‘identity politics, nationalisms, self-determination.’ [i] Prior to joining CIIS, she worked in policy and advocacy research at the Indian Social Institute, which is run by Jesuits in Delhi, for the explicit purpose of propagating ‘Christian inspiration and following the social teaching of the Catholic Church.’ [ii] Chatterji provided ‘critical assistance’ to a highly libelous and unsubstant

Book review : The Man of Numbers

The book "The Man of Numbers" and its review reiterate (for western readers) that current numerals/algebra are inherited from Hindus. It starts with an example how would be current math if west is still using Roman numerals. One interesting thing which I read first time is "It were merchants (European) who first used Hindu numerals not mathematician , because it was very practical for their accounting". This book is on Italian mathematician Fibonacci , how he read Hindu math and presented to Europe. Author still mix Arabic with Hindu numerals , but I guess slowly with more open researches Arabic could be omitted.