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Sanatan EBook

Book on Vivekanand, Rani Laxmi Bai, Veer Savarkar, Lokmany Tilak and more at

Maharan Pratap's biographies online

Maha Rana Pratap Singh (1540-1597) was a Hindu King of Mewar who is remembered for his spirit of independence, patriotism and other exemplary qualities. Rana Pratap scorned comfort and luxury when they had to be bought at the cost of his independence. While Persia and England, Baghdad and Arabia felt honoured in sending costly embassies to the court of the Great Mughal, Rana Pratap was content with sending his word of defiance. And the result? “There is not a pass in the Alpine Aravalli that is not sanctified by some deed of Rana Pratap, some brilliant victory or more glorious defeat.” What a sight it must have been, Rana Pratap against the might of Akbar! In the collective memory of the Hindus, Rana Pratap has got a place along with Sivaji and Ranjit Singh; and along with them he proved that not even centuries of Mohammadan domination could kill the spirit out of a proud race. Thanks to Digital Library of India, now, we have access to various biographies of heroes like Rana Pratap

Online availability of All four Vedas, 108 Upnishads

Gayatri Pariwar has published several important literature and made them available online , including the 4 vedas and Upanishads. Inspired by the HMEC 's vision of sharing ideas and resources as well as networking in the view of larger interest of Sanatan Dharma, Gayatri Pariwar  has made available All four Vedas, 108 Upnishads and other Arsh literature for online reading to all. Availability on this literature online is so important, please spread the word around. Currently most of it is available in Hindi. But a good start ... Ved , Puran ,Upanishads and Darshan Many more books in Hindi and English by Pt Shriram Sharma Acharya

Kumbh mela multimedia project

Ascetics with Cameras is a seva (volunteer service) organization providing multimedia services, tools and training to Shiva’s Army – the sadhus & sadhvis of Juna Akhara – since 2004. It's mission is to, not only provide multimedia tools to document and preserve the living-histories of these followers of Sanatan Dharma, but more importantly to train the members (of the oldest and largest order of Dasnaami Hindu ascetics) to document it for themselves. Giving them the skills to share with the world the stories and aspects of their culture they find important, will empower these ascetics to participate in the process of media-making to which their Akhara has been subject for centuries and enlighten audiences to the sacred, ancient paths and esoteric traditions of truth seekers.

Ayodhya : Shri Ram Janmbhoomi

Hindus believed from time immemorial that Ayodya(UP,India) is birth place of Lord Shri Ram. But the temple was destroyed by Mogul invader Babar's army in 1528 C.E. After that there were several attempts by Hindus to reclaim the land and build the Ram temple at his birth place. After Independence , court battle was going on. And on September 30,2010 High Court of U.P have given Judgement. As news paper Daily Pioneer sums verdicts as "The makeshift temple of lord Ram at Ayodhya belongs to Hindus and the Babri masjid was an illegal construction, this was the sum and substance of a historic judgement delivered by the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court on Thursday." The complete verdict is available online . Brief history and evidences . Read book AYODHYA The Case Against the Temple by Koenraad Elst for detailed History. Now some are not pleased with the verdict. Read why they are unhappy ? How court exposed their imagined beliefs .

Sanatan Dharma's influence throughout Asia

From towns in Russia to Gods of Japan, Sanatan Dharma influence can be seen. The following article list all those place outside Bharat. It have place names, historical maps, various photographs of historical sites. Also famous quotes from eminent people. Suvarn Bhumi : Greater India

Sarasvati Valley Civilization

The Sarasvati River (Sanskrit: सरस्वती नदी sárasvatī nadī) is one of the chief Rigvedic rivers mentioned in ancient Hindu texts. The Nadistuti hymn in the Rigveda (10.75) mentions the Sarasvati between the Yamuna in the east and the Sutlej in the west, and later Vedic texts like Tandya and Jaiminiya Brahmanas as well as the Mahabharata mention that the Sarasvati dried up in a desert. Here you can find more information on it. Article : Recent Research on the Sarasvati River by Stephen Knapp 180 Page eBook : SARASVATI RIVER by Dr. S. Kalyanaraman Article : Saraswati – the ancient river lost in the desert by A. V. Sankaran And if you want a brief information read this presentation by Dr. V. Raja Bandaru

Indian war of independence, 1857

Veer Damodar Savarkar written book on India's first war of Independence against British Rule. The book was originally written in Marathi. Britishers banned this book that time. Its English version is now available online at Digital Library of Delhi University .

Ancient Indian Hostory

Sanatan knowledge in nutshell

Ever wonder who are Tridev, Char-dham, 16-sansakars etc. Read this wiki book.

Archeological excavation at Ram Janm Bhumi Ayodhya

Outlook magazine have published a graphical representation of Ram-Janm Bhumi site at Ayodhya. Here is the link .

Lord Krishna history or myth ?

If you need proof , Read this blog. Watch this wonderful documentary created Saraswati films.A unique documentary which proves the existence of Krishna and shows the scientific proof of Mahabharata with exact year of Kurukshetra war. Krishna: History or Myth from Saraswati Films on Vimeo .

Hinduism's lagacy in South east asia and Austronesia

Shri Vrandavan parker have published a paper which describe how Hinduism was thriving in the region. It also write Hinduism's impact on current activities. Read paper here and the website can be accessed at this link

Online Vedic Radio and Devotional Songs

A nice and soothing online music portal. You get to listen Vedic Wisdom, Bhajans (Devotional Songs),Mantra, Strota and more. Click on wisdomspeak

A history of world GDP

The economist have posted a chart to depict historical data on world GDP. India was number 1 country till 1700 C.E. Look here

Forum for Hindu Awakening

The Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA) is a charitable organization devoted to awaken society to the unique spiritual science behind Hindu Dharma concepts and practices, to motivate people to live and preserve them and to facilitate the spiritual progress of humanity. Click here

How to balance a vegetarian diet have published an article to explain balancing your vegetarian diet. It have provided vegetarian alternative/sources of various nutrition. It is easy to become a vegetarian.

Origins of Vedic Civilization

Read and download from here HOW ANCIENT IS THE VEDIC TRADITION and how did it begin? Was it the creation of a people who invaded India from outside, as many European scholars believed for centuries? Or did it arise among an indigenous people of northern India? In this chapter we will ask where the Vedic tradition originated, and in the next chapter,we will consider when it came into existence. In the third chapter, we will consider its relation to European civilization. According to the Vedic tradition, the Veda is eternal. It exists within the eternal fabric of consciousness itself. As such it is uncreated. But even so, we can ask, when was the Veda first cognized? And when did the tradition of reciting the Veda begin?

Sanskrit Texts and Stotras

Find following and more here Study Sanskrit, read Sanskrit texts, listen to Vedic pundits chant, or read Sanksrit humor. This site contains a wide variety of Sanskrit texts and stotras in the pdf format, which you can view or print for your personal use. Most of the texts are in Devanagari script, some with English translation. The Bhagavad-Gita, Devi Mahatmyam, all of the sahasranama stotras, and several other texts are also encoded in transliteration (by popular demand). A lot of attention has been put into formatting the texts for maximum aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Bhagavad-Gita Devi Mahatmyam Selections from the Veda & Vedic Literature Sahasranama Stotras Miscellaneous Stotras Stotras to the Planets - Navagraha Stotras Transliterated Documents Audio Recordings Learning Tools Favorite Books and Tapes Sanskrit Humor Dedication

South Asian History

South Asian History is a non-commercial project that brings the most vital aspects of the sub-continent's history to web users. Their selections illuminate aspects of South Asian History that aren't always very well known, but of crucial importance to the region's future.

Book review : Mathematic in India

David Mumford is professor of applied mathematics at Brown University. Please read this review from him on "Mathematic in India". Author of that book Kim Plofker also have published several books on same topic.

Stories from Puraan, about Rishis, Mahatma

Source : Click here

Recent Archeological Finds Confirming Vedic History

Source : Link : click here Numerous archaeological evidence of Vedic era found around the world.

Temple discovery reveals clues of Indonesia's Vedic past

Source : Link : click here Source : Link : click here

Temple Built In Early Pala Period Excavated in Bangladesh

Source: Link : click here DHAKA, BANGLADESH, March 29, 2010: Archaeologists of Jahan-girnagar University in Dhaka have recently dug out the first Hindu temple from the early Pala period in Bengal at Chandipur village in Birampur upazila of Dinajpur district, tentatively dating back to the 8th century. No other Hindu temple of any kind dates from Pala period (eighth-eleventh century) was found in Bengal, according to experts. A team of students of the Department of Archaeology and experienced excavators from Mahasthan started digging on this archaeological mound locally known as “Tileshwarir Mound” in 2007. A number of experts from India, France, England and Bangladesh from various fields including archaeology, geology and geomorphology are collaborating with the team. Swadhin Sen, the director of the excavation team, said this season they have found another cell on the western part adjoining a cell found previously. According to him the four-pillared room served a

Hidden History of the Human Race

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Scientific Verification of the Vedas

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Invading The Sacred : An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America

This book analyzes the representation of Hinduism in American academia and the ensuing and ongoing politics when such representations are challenged both by the Indian diaspora as well as by academicians.This is undoubtedly an informative and provocative book, and it deserves to be read by all who are intellectually or emotionally affiliated to Hinduism. Website

Bhumi Project: Hindu Plans for Environmental Change

The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies Presents Bhumi Project: Hindu Plans for Environmental Change Very insightful presentation explains how following Sanaatan Dharma can save mother earth from Global Warming and other environmental changes. Bhumi Project: Hindu Plans for Environmental Change from Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies on Vimeo .

Hampi : capital of the Vijayanagara Empire

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Hampi ( Kannada : ಹಂಪೆ hampe) is a village in northern Karnataka state, India . Located within the ruins of Vijayanagara , Hampi is the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire . Predating the city of Vijayanagara, it continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple , as well as several other monuments belonging to the old city. As the village is at the original centre of Vijayanagara, it is sometimes confused with the ruined city itself. The ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage Site , listed as the Group of Monuments at Hampi. [1] " Hampi festival : celebrating a great Hindu empire Read the report here and watch image slideshow here .