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Nourishing the Balance of the Universe

Dr. Yashwant Pathak , International Coordinator, ICCS, USA ( ) talks on  comparative study of various ancient traditions & cultures in remote areas of north-eastern parts of India, American Indian, South American traditions as Inca,Mayan and the African continent. Dr. Pathak is presently the Associate Dean in College of Pharmacy, University of South Florida ( ). The finding are surprising, all the ancient traditions have numerous similarity with Sanatan Dharma. Please watch this interesting talk at below video. ICCS's  Research Activities  1. Preparing exhaustive bibliography of different cultures. 2. Translating important texts of different cultures. 3. Comparative studies of different cultures regarding their Philosophy, Religion, Society, Literature, History, Music and Fine Arts. 4. Arranging guest lectures, seminars, informal discussions, etc. 5. Publication of research journals.