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Sanatan knowledge in nutshell

Ever wonder who are Tridev, Char-dham, 16-sansakars etc. Read this wiki book.

Archeological excavation at Ram Janm Bhumi Ayodhya

Outlook magazine have published a graphical representation of Ram-Janm Bhumi site at Ayodhya. Here is the link .

Lord Krishna history or myth ?

If you need proof , Read this blog. Watch this wonderful documentary created Saraswati films.A unique documentary which proves the existence of Krishna and shows the scientific proof of Mahabharata with exact year of Kurukshetra war. Krishna: History or Myth from Saraswati Films on Vimeo .

Hinduism's lagacy in South east asia and Austronesia

Shri Vrandavan parker have published a paper which describe how Hinduism was thriving in the region. It also write Hinduism's impact on current activities. Read paper here and the website can be accessed at this link