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Sanatan legacy in S- E Asia!

Following is from Indian newspaper The Freepress Journal. Read full article here . The Preah Vihear temple of Siva built during the Khmer Empire is a reminder of the common  culture that the entire region once shared with India. In fact, such monuments do not belong exclusively to one one country, but to the South- East Asia region as a whole. A lthough King Norodom Sihamoni of Cambodia was invited to yesterday’s royal wedding in London, he was not among the crowned monarchs at the function. His Majesty had more serious concerns at home where Cambodia and its bigger neighbour, Thailand, are involved in angry exchanges that could deteriorate into hostilities over an early 9th century Hindu temple that UNESCO lists as a World Heritage Site   More resource that provide historical insight of Sanatan Dharma's legacy in Suvarnabhumi (South East Asia).

Vedic Mathematics : Shulba Sutras

From research paper "Applied Geometry of the Sulba Sutras" by John F. Price The Sulba Sutras, part of the Vedic literature of India,describe many geometrical properties and constructions such as the classical relationship           a 2 +b 2 =c 2 between the sides of a right-angle triangle and arithmetical formulas such as calculating the square root of two accurate to five decimal places. Although this article presents some of these constructions,its main purpose is to show how to consider each of the main Sulba SDtras as a finely crafted, integrated manual for the construction of citis or ceremonial platforms. Certain key words, however, suggest that the applications go far beyond this. Paper "Square Roots in the Sulbasutra" by  David W. Henderson can be read here . Following are some more relevant links :-

Similarity between Vedic and Egyptian Civilization

Author Amlan Roychowdhury   have written a paper on similarity between Vedic and Egyptian Civilization. He tried to relate missing links. You can read the paper " VEDIC CIVILIZATION THE PROGENITOR OF EGYPTIAN CIVILIZATION" here .