The best video discussion on the book "Breaking India" thus far.

Breaking India author Shri Rajiv Malhotra was in LA in June to deliver a talk on his book. It was very informative and objective talk. He sets a mission and  goal for us to defend integrity of great Bharat.
He also provided hints/ways by which we can do our part.

Here is the Youtube playlist of that talk.

The playlist has 9 videos, the first four are divided into thematic breakpoints. The remaining five are Q&A combining LA and Bay Area. This collection is probably the best video discussion on the book "Breaking India" thus far.
1: Importance of Managing our Civilization Discourse
2: Changing the Game through Non-Ignorable Interventions
3: Anti-India Nexuses
4: Exploiting India's Minorities
5: Q & A (Los Angeles) 1
6: Q & A (Los Angeles) 2
7: Q & A (Los Angeles) 3
8: Q & A (Bay Area) 4
9: Q & A (Bay Area) 5


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