Vedic Mathematics : Shulba Sutras

From research paper "Applied Geometry of the Sulba Sutras" by John F. Price
The Sulba Sutras, part of the Vedic literature of India,describe many geometrical properties and constructions
such as the classical relationship
between the sides of a right-angle triangle and arithmetical formulas such as calculating the square root of two accurate to five decimal places. Although this article presents some of these constructions,its main purpose is to show how to consider each of the main Sulba SDtras as a finely crafted, integrated manual for the construction of citis or ceremonial platforms. Certain key words, however, suggest that the applications go far beyond this.

Paper "Square Roots in the Sulbasutra" by  David W. Henderson can be read here.

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Anonymous said…
One should also look at Vedic Maths by Tirthaji in this regard.

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