Maharan Pratap's biographies online

Maha Rana Pratap Singh (1540-1597) was a Hindu King of Mewar who is remembered for his spirit of independence, patriotism and other exemplary qualities.
Rana Pratap scorned comfort and luxury when they had to be bought at the cost of his independence. While Persia and England, Baghdad and Arabia felt honoured in sending costly embassies to the court of the Great Mughal, Rana Pratap was content with sending his word of defiance. And the result? “There is not a pass in the Alpine Aravalli that is not sanctified by some deed of Rana Pratap, some brilliant victory or more glorious defeat.” What a sight it must have been, Rana Pratap against the might of Akbar!
In the collective memory of the Hindus, Rana Pratap has got a place along with Sivaji and Ranjit Singh; and along with them he proved that not even centuries of Mohammadan domination could kill the spirit out of a proud race.
Thanks to Digital Library of India, now, we have access to various biographies of heroes like Rana Pratap Singh in Sanskrit, Hindi & English.


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